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NovaROC, Nova Scotia’s Registry of Claims, is an internet accessible system for the acquisition and administration of mineral dispositions in Nova Scotia.

Begin your session by selecting an activity from the list below.

If you are a NovaROC registered user you may launch NovaROC to carry out business with the registry. If you wish to register as a user, launch NovaROC and then select the registration link.

View Maps: if you are not a registered user you may view maps by clicking "Maps".

If you are not a registered user you may carry out searches for information by clicking "Search".

About NovaROC provides an overview of NovaROC and the requirements for conducting mineral rights business in Nova Scotia. You will also find links to information on regulatory requirements and changes that have occurred under NovaROC.

Provides detailed step-by-step instructions and tutorials for various NovaROC transactions.

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The Mineral Resources Act and Mineral Resources Regulations may be found at